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In-Home Care in Winter Haven, FL and Surrounding Areas

Customized care services that ensure each senior gets the support and attention he or she needs

Comfort Keepers® offers a wide variety of care services that provide seniors with the right combination of personal assistance and companionship.  These services fit each client’s unique care needs and situations and help ensure independent living at home.   

Personal Care Services

Grooming, Bathing, and Hygiene

Our caregivers are trained to preserve the dignity and comfort levels of our clients when assisting with bathing, grooming, and hygiene.  This makes clients comfortable and lessens embarrassment.  Regular personal maintenance elevates positive feelings in seniors and contributes to their overall health.  Bathing not only cleanses the skin but refreshes the spirit, relaxes, and stimulates circulation. 

Assistance with Mobility

Maintaining an active lifestyle improves seniors’ overall health.  It lowers blood pressure, improves digestion, and helps regulate sleep.  These benefits are important for individuals in their later years because they prolong abilities to stay independent.  They boost Stamina and strengthen the heart, which also make living on one’s own easier.   We accompany clients on short walks, provide encouragement, and give reminders to complete prescribed exercises. These efforts make our services healthful and proactive.

Positioning and Transferring

At Comfort Keepers we train our caregivers to move and place clients properly.  This involves helping individuals adopt correct postures and positions and helping them move safely and easily from one place to another.  Careful adherence to each client’s unique needs ensures that these clients enter and leave beds, chairs, and other places of rest without incident.  It also eliminates areas of pressure on the skin, keeps muscles and joints from weakening and stiffening, and helps maintain proper breathing, digestion, and elimination. 

Toileting and Incontinence Care

Maintaining regular performance of bodily functions is essential.  Our Comfort Keepers assist with incontinence and toileting so that our clients stay healthy and comfortable.  We work carefully to safeguard the dignity and self-esteem of our clients when providing this assistance.  Our caring approach diminishes embarrassment and contributes to seamless performances of daily routines.

Feeding and Special Diet

At Comfort Keepers we ensure that our clients stay on prescribed diets that help prevent or control medical conditions and promote overall health.  Heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes are all affected by food intake and we work hard to ensure that seniors don’t suffer from these diseases as a result of malnutrition or poor eating habits. 

Feeding assistance is sometimes necessary, and in these instances our caregivers make special efforts to transform mealtime into an enjoyable social time.  We know that losing the ability to feed one’s self is hard to accept, and we work closely with each client whose ability to do so has diminished to ensure that he or she has as much control over food consumption as possible. 

In-Home Companionship Care

Conversation and Companionship

We make special efforts throughout our services to engage clients in conversation.  It’s sometimes our clients’ sole source of social contact, so it’s very important that we make it fulfilling.  Whether sharing a meal, playing a game, or assisting in some way, our caregivers dutifully engage clients in conversation or preferred communication.  It enhances seniors’ health, happiness, and quality of life.

Meal Preparation

Preparing tasty, healthy meals involves more than just putting ingredients together; it involves shopping and careful preparation.  For clients whose abilities to shop for food and to work actively in a kitchen have subsided, having someone to source cooking materials and prepare meals can be very helpful.  Our caregivers prepare hot, delicious, and nutritious meals based on clients’ preferences and dietary restrictions.  This helps clients stay nourished and content.    


Having clean clothes and an organized closet not only makes living easier but it gives a sense of upkeep and preservation.  At Comfort Keepers we assist with laundry needs and we help laundered items find their way to the proper place in the home.  We wash, dry, and fold clothing.  We also iron and put clothing items away.  If a client has washing and drying devices, we’re happy to use them, but if necessary we will visit a laundromat.   

Light Housekeeping

For the same reasons that cleaning and organizing one’s wearable items contribute to a sense of independence, maintaining one’s domain adds to a feeling of autonomy.  Vacuuming, dusting, and sweeping are all activities that help make a house clean and things that we do to help keep our clients’ houses clean.  We mop and clean specific rooms in houses as well.   

Our help with domestic tasks is often collaborative.  Our clients like to participate, so we are careful to perform these tasks at levels that meet clients’ preferences and needs.   

Errands and Grocery Shopping

At Comfort Keepers we will shop on behalf of our clients.  Picking up groceries, prescriptions, and other necessities is common.  We also help with mailing, shipping, and receiving at post offices and/or parcel-shipping offices.  In running these and other errands, we are careful to use designated coupons and/or shopping materials and to include clients if they want to accompany us. 

Incidental Transportation

In the event that a client wants to go somewhere or engage in an activity outside of the home, but is capable of being on his or her own in the intended destination, our caregivers are happy to provide transportation for the client.  We call this ‘incidental transportation,’ and it gives clients the freedom to shop, make medical appointments, socialize, and run critical errands.  Engaging in a community through these and other activities is good for a senior’s mind, body, and spirit.

Medication Reminders

One of the most important parts of maintaining one’s health and wellbeing is taking prescribed medication and taking medication properly.  We ensure that clients take their medications as prescribed by offering timely and gentle reminders.  We cannot administer medications, but we help open medication containers, read labels, and ready clients for self-administering with beverages or other necessary materials.   

24-Hour Care and Advanced Care

Comfort Keepers provides care for as little as a few hours a week or as much as twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.  This versatility provides clients and their families’ with full-time peace of mind.  In the event that a client needs around-the-clock care or something similar, our caregivers work in teams to provide services.  These services are provided in shifts.  

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